The Importance of Senior Dental Care

As your dentist in Vancouver, Washington, Dr. Lance Heppler wants all of his patients to know that you can’t enjoy quality overall health without also enjoying quality oral health. Just as a cut on your finger can allow bacteria to enter the blood stream, infections caused by gum disease can also spread throughout the body.…

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Six Natural Cold Remedies that Can Help You Quickly Recover

Now that the winter weather has firmly set in over your favorite Vancouver dental office, it’s time to prepare for the return of cold and flu season. Considering that every common cold causes working adults to lose an average of 8.7 work hours (5.9 hours of on-the-job loss and 2.8 hours of absenteeism), according to…

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Lowering Your Child's Risk of Peanut Allergies

It’s never easy when parents try to decide when the best time is to start feeding their child solid foods. A child’s diet can depend on a variety of factors that range from oral health development to concerns over potential allergies. While your Vancouver dentist recommends speaking with your pediatrician before starting a child on…

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How Tiny Bubbles Can Help Clean Your Teeth

As your Vancouver dental care provider, our staff at Dental Designs recommends that patients visit our Vancouver dental care clinic once every six months for cleanings to help reduce the risk of dental decay and disease. While brushing and flossing remain excellent daily habits that help eliminate plaque – a harmful oral bacteria – from…

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Antibiotics After Implant May Not Be Needed

  At Dental Designs Vancouver, your cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, Dr. Lance Heppler, utilizes the latest dental tools and techniques so he can provide his patients with the best dental care possible. Staying at the forefront of the dental industry means following the latest breakthroughs and study results to determine what’s the best type of…

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