The Truth About Allergies and Tooth Pain

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As late spring and summer bring forth flowering plants and blooms galore, many people are suffering from seasonal hay fever and allergies. From itchy eyes to running noses and uncontrollable sneezing, many sufferers across Washington and Oregon know the pains of this seasonal dilemma. It turns out that allergies also can also affect your dental well being too. Vancouver dentist Dr. Reza Saffari wants to make sure you know some of these symptoms and what might be causing them.

Throat Soreness

As your sinuses get congested, your throat can get very sore as your sinuses start draining and dripping down towards your gut. The path that this traveling, icky mucus takes can lead to irritations of your throat. This can result in your throat becoming itchy, swollen, and painful, and can also end up in tooth pain if left untreated.

Aching Teeth

Allergies can also result in pain in your teeth, usually in the molars, and can also lead to increased sensitivity to heat and cold. Allergic reactions even cause changes in your body’s position that can lead to even more tooth pain. This is due to the increased congestion and your body’s immune reaction to the allergens in your system. The sinuses in our head are located on either side of the nose and are meant to drain upward, which is hard to do in most of our daily life. The congestion in these sinuses leads to mucus buildup and that can plug the sinuses, which can in turn inflame your upper molars causing you toothaches.

Mouth Dryness

Many seasonal allergy medications and the allergies themselves can make a sufferer’s mouth become extremely dry. This can really affect your oral health because saliva is actually very good for your mouth. Saliva has enzymes full of antibacterial enzymes, which is known to help prevent decay, and keep our breath smelling nice. When your mouth becomes dry and there is a lack of saliva, you put yourself at risk.

May Hide More Severe Problems

A lot of these allergic reactions and symptoms that result in oral pain or discomfort can also correspond with other more severe dental problems like infections, gum disease, or tooth decay. Letting your dentist know that you are suffering from allergies may help diagnose your issues, whether you have more critical ailments, and help to figure out how best to treat them. There are many over-the-counter decongestants and other recommendation a dentist can make to help alleviate your dental pain.

Don’t hesitate to call the Dental Designs Vancouver office if you have any dental pain. Dr. Saffari and his team can help get you fixed up no matter if it’s allergies or a more serious issue.


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